Fresh Mink Pets

Fresh Mink Pets Founder Maria Lee-Driver was already a successful entrepreneur when she created her all-natural pet care products that helped to get rid of pet odor. 

In business for herself for 20 years – first as a salon owner and then as a creator of all-natural skin and hair care products – Lee-Driver became the first African American to own a national pet product line when she received a deal from

While she already had her own successful business, she needed the Tackle Life Foundation Entrepreneurship Program for production and scale. She was creating her products herself – something she couldn’t do if her product was going to be available on such a large scale.

“She wanted to take this new product into the marketplace and have an impact,” said Tackle Life Foundation President Herman Moore. “That meant branding, packaging, and fulfillment.”

Moore and his team worked with Lee-Driver to create her formulas within their manufacturing facility, redesign her brand identity, and create a fully-functioning eCommerce website.

“This has taken me in a direction I’ve never been before,” said Lee-Driver. “The website is beautiful. The life that Herman has given me over the last several months has been awesome. It’s like he gave it to me and I just ran with it.”