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Developing future leaders by providing out-of-reach opportunities for success

Tackle Life Entrepreneurship Program

Youth Empowerment Program

Sports Camps and Fitness Challenges

Tackle Life Entrepreneurship Program

The Tackle Life Entrepreneurship Program is a framework we created to grow aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages, races, and demographics, looking for participants who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity or resources to grow a new or existing business.

Our programs for new entrepreneurs teaches participants what goes into being a business owner, from business registration to financial management to branding and design. When the program is complete, participants have a registered business, a tangible product to sell, and an eCommerce platform to sell it.

We also work with entrepreneurs who are already successful. They’ve bootstrapped their business and caught the attention of customers and retailers and need help to take their business to the next level. Our program helps them refine their processes, branding, and infrastructure to get them ‘retail ready’ or to take their sales to the next level.

What we love about our program is the flexibility it provides to help any aspiring entrepreneur without limitations – all we’re looking for is dedication, focus, and a positive attitude.

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Youth Empowerment Program

The Youth Empowerment Program provides comprehensive group mental health counseling and structured physical activity to early and middle adolescents.

The program also offers mental health and physical health educational opportunities to parents, teachers, administrators, and coaches, and provides educational resources to families throughout the duration of the program. More specifically, participants receive supportive mentoring, personal exploration, positive coaching, progressive skill development and peer support.

This program is conducted by The Body Principle Integrative Health Organization in partnership with various youth nonprofit organizations such as Grow Detroit’s Young Talent.

Sports Camps and Fitness Challenges

The Tackle Life Foundation believes that engaging sports and fitness programs provide youth the life skills and confidence that support long-term mental and physical growth and self-confidence.

Consequently, our Sports Camps and Fitness Challenges provides thousands of kids, regardless of life circumstances, with the opportunity to attend fun sports camps. Our exciting programs help strengthen the inner self to expose the best outer being.

Camps are managed by our partners – Legacy Center Sports Complex, The Body Principle Integrative Health Organization and Battle of the Gridiron. Former professional athletes Herman Moore, Lomas Brown, and many others provide mentorship along with leaders in business, education and politics.

Entrepreneurial-minded young people, especially from underserved communities, often lack access to the resources needed to take their business from startup to success.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community where every individual has the opportunity to develop their own talent, interests, and abilities for a positive, successful future.


We will motivate others to positively impact our community and ensure we set a positive example for those we serve.


We will act in alignment with our values at all times.


We will do what is needed to best serve the community.


We will find new and creative ways to foster change individually and collectively.

Equitable Impact

We will work tirelessly to achieve lasting, positive change for those we serve and ensure equitable access to opportunities.