Herman Moore's Story


As a youth, I never had the opportunity to attend local sports camps or specialty fun youth activities because my mom did not have disposable income.  She was a single mom, who budgeted what little money she had to provide the essentials for our family. Fortunately, I participated in school youth sports and experienced the good, bad, unfair, uncertainty, and success.

As a former professional athlete, I have a great appreciation for lessons learned from playing sports and understanding how the diverse experiences helped shape my values and decisions today.

My wonderful team and I have been blessed to be able to provide thousands of kids, whether underprivileged, single parent home, troubled, affluent, or aspiring athletes, with the opportunity to attend fun sports camps. Our exciting programs help strengthen the inner self to expose the best outer being.



Your support ensures our ability to reach even more kids and continue to motivate youth through sports!

The Tackle Life Foundation believes that engaging sports and fitness programs provide youth the life skills and confidence that support long-term mental and physical growth and self-confidence.




  • Sports Camps
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Leadership
  • Social Media Responsibility
  • Mentorship